Angie & Ratchetta

“A Sociopath & A Psychopath” Ep.52
“A Sociopath & A Psychopath” Ep.51
“Sweata Weatha” with Marisa & Tracy
“A Sociopath & A Psychopath” Christmas
“A Sociopath & A Psychopath” Ep.49
"A Sociopath & A Psychopath" Ep.47
“A Sociopath & A Psychopath” Ep.46
“A Sociopath & A Psychopath” Ep. 45
"A Sociopath & A Psychopath" Ep. 44
"A Sociopath & a Psychopath" Ep.43
“A Sociopath & a Psychopath” Ep. 42
Talking About Celebrity Crimes
A Sociopath & a Psychopath: Ep 39
Angie & Ratchetta Explain Which Celebs Will Go To Heaven

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