Coffee and Cleavage

Episode 78: Fan Story: Interoffice Dating
Episode 79: Booty Talk
Episode 77: Oral Education
Episode 76: Just Ask Her
Episode 75: Swipe Right 
Episode 74: CJ Sparxx
Episode 73: Fan Story: Dating
Episode 72: Female Education Pt. 2
Episode 71: Female Education
Episode 70: Education
Episode 69: Fun Facts
Episode 68
Episode 67: Dating & Relationship Tips
Episode 66: Bedroom Mistakes
Episode 65: Tips for Men
Episode 64: Dating & Relationship Myths
Episode 63: Deep Questions
Episode 62: Better Lover
Episode 61: More Positions
Episode 60: Bizarre Laws Around the World
Episode 59: Wild ER Stories
Episode 58: Mad
Episode 57: Bizarre World Records
Episode 56: Fetish Dive 2.0
Episode 55: Bad Dating Advice
Episode 54: Mythbusters
Episode 53: Ruined O’s
Episode 52: Keep Your Woman Happy
Episode 51: Talk Dirty
Episode 50: Fetish Dive
Episode 49: Would You Rather?
Episode 48: Michael Sartain
Episode 47: Facts About O’s
Episode 45: Burning Desire
Episode 44: How to be Irresistible
Episode 43: How to Handle Rejection
Episode 41: Let’s Get Complicated
Episode 40: Mythbusters
Episode 39: The Ultimate Catfish Roasted
Episode 38: When Is It Over
Episode 37: How to Spot a Cheater
Episode 36: Signs She’s Using You
Episode 35: She’s Not Into You & Signs She Is!
Episode 34: Have You Ever
Episode 33: Most Googled Questions
Episode 32: Toxic Creeps
Episode 31: Failed Bedroom Stories
Episode 30: Slide Into Her DM's
Episode 29: Would You Rather
Episode 28: Catfished
Episode 27: Blow Her Mind
Episode 26: Get Over Your Ex
Episode 25: Friends with Benefits
Episode 24: How to Attract a Woman
Episode 23: Dating Games
Episode 22: How to get a 10
Episode 21: Fetishes
Episode 20: OF
Episode 19: Make her HOT
Episode 18: Homie Hopper
Episode 17: Plastic Surgery
Episode 16: Embarrassing Questions
Episode 15: Don't Call Your Ex
Episode 14: First Dates
Episode 13: Fan Q/A
Episode 12: Reality of Adult Films
Episode 11: Deal Breakers
Episode 10: Friend Zone
Episode 9: It's complicated ...
Episode 8: Dirty Talk
Episode 7: Stigma
Episode 6: Cheating
Episode 5: Threesomes
Episode 4: DTZ (Down to Zoom)?
Episode 3: Positions
Episode 2: Sexuality
Episode 1: What We Want

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