Episode 11: How to Pop Up on a Surfboard
Episode 10: Paddle Board Workout with Paloma
Episode 9: How to Ride a Hydrofoil Board
Episode 8: Surf Strengthening
Episode 7: Wakesurfing with Surfer Girl
Episode 6: Beach Meditation
Episode 5: Learning a Kiteboarding Kite Setup
Episode 4: How to Wax a Surf Board
Episode 3: Beginner Kiteboarding Setup
Ep 2: Wakeboarding
The Scissor Step
The T Step
The W Step
The Running Man
Public Dancing: My Process of Filming
Cutting Shapes Combo
Skateboarding Tips for Beginners
Riding the Ramps
Keep Your Head Up
Heel Flip Tutorial
Hitting Like a Pro ft. Mike
How to Volley ft. Anna
Episode 2: How to Serve ft. Kiera
Episode 1: Hitting the Ball ft. Casey & Gabby
Reverse Grab Exits