Episode 55: Bad Dating Advice

Lynnie and Shantal review some bad dating advice! We think no one would intentionally give bad dating advice but yet it happens often. Listen closely and do not get suckered into believing any of these tips. Subscribe to Coffee and Cleavage on of.com/coffeeandcleavage

Ballet Barre 101: The Plie

This first introduction video shows how to use a makeshift ballet barre and the most fundamental step in ballet, the “plie.” Plie in French means “to bend,” what will be taught in this video is why this movement is so important for all of our ballet training. Subscribe to Ballet by Heather on of.com/balletbyheather

"Like Water" - A Jadelyn Original

In this episode, Jadelyn talks about her favorite genre of music to perform and the new genres that she would like to experiment with in the future, and then performs her original song “Like Water”. Subscribe to Jadelyn on of.com/jadelynmusic

Shrimp & Crab Rotel Dip

In this episode, Amber shows you how to make one of her favorite recipes to bring to an event or share with family and friends. Amber puts her own twist on the traditional Rotel dip by adding crab and shrimp instead of beef. This is one that you’ll definitely want to try at home! Subscribe to Amber on of.com/amber_diamond